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A little about me

My Family

Hi - My name is Jennifer - I am a Registered Nurse, a Board Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and have continued my education for functional blood chemistry. I am passionate about helping others regain their health.

I am happily married for over 20 years and have been blessed with 3 boys. I live in middle TN - I love the outdoors and spending quality time with my family.
I have been a registered nurse for over 12 years and have worked in various roles including medical surgical, emergency room, home health and insurance utilization management / case management. I have witnessed the many facets of our sick care system. 
My journey of transformation into the holistic space began in 2018 when my dad become chronically ill. Watching my dad navigate the sick care system and being referred to multiple providers with no real answers or solutions - just more and more medications. During his care, other factors where never considered or investigated. That is when I began to question the western medicine approach and began my journey to continue my education in the holistic space.

I began to have my own health issues in 2019 - I experienced hormonal issues / imbalances and was not provided real answers or solutions. I was given medications or invasive surgery options that did not address the root cause to my issues. I began to do my own research and saw a naturopath and holistic physician. I have worked to heal my gut health, reduced my exposure to environmental toxins, completed multiple detox cleanses, improved my diet with more nutrient dense foods, reduced stress and worked on foundational support /drainage pathways - my health has greatly improved. My hormonal imbalances and symptoms have improved without medications or invasive surgery. 

My passion and purpose i
s guiding and supporting others to regain their health and wellbeing. We can work together on achieving your health and wellness goals.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. 

In health,

Jennifer Smith, RN, BC-FMP 


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